Monday, October 11, 2010

Cork vs. Screw Cap

Cork vs. Screw cap? We didn't know how hot a topic this was until we posted this question on our Facebook page and received an explosion of responses. What surprised us even more was the approval of screw caps altogether. There was support not only for the snappy wines meant to be consumed young, but for some of the big boys designed to be put down for a few years. As ritualistic and romantic as being served a wine with a cork top, there is nothing worse than the displeasure of having a corked (TCA) wine. TCA stands for 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole, a compound that is responsible for tainting the wine and usually can be detected by giving off an aroma of a moldy newspaper.

The worst type of TCA is when the odor is almost undetectable but the flavors of the wine are still severely distorted. This leads many consumers to thinking that there is nothing wrong with the wine except that it is just plain bad. At Bounty Hunter Rare Wine Co. we have seen many changes in the wine industry and welcome new and exciting ideas such as screw caps. Don't worry, we still love wines with corks, just not corked wines.

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