Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eddie Gilbert - Wine Manager Superstar

Colorful doesn't even begin to describe Eddie Gilbert, Wine Manager superstar here at Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Spirits. He’s been called an acquired taste by some of his closest friends, and when you get to know him, you’ll understand exactly why (and why one could see it as a compliment). 

Born in New York and raised in Granada Hills in Los Angeles, Eddie learned from an early age that his strength was in being an independent thinker. He’s one smart cookie who not only graduated with a BS in Human Organization and Development from Vanderbilt University, but was invited back for a Masters Degree in Organization, Leadership and Education. His academic path was exceedingly positive, but his inextinguishable zeal for life’s pleasures (food, music, and exploring new cultures) tugged him away from a very good job at one of the nation’s biggest talent firms. 

While in Los Angeles, Eddie dabbled in the culinary arts. Then, being the “jump in with both feet and figure out how to swim” type of guy he is, Eddie auditioned for a show on the Food Network. He won the part and cooked his heart out (simultaneously earning a rap as the season’s resident villain, but that’s a whole other story). Post production, Eddie took a vacation to Napa. It was on this trip that he and his then-girlfriend (now wife) decided to go all in and move to the epicenter of fantastic food and wine. 

Eddie admits, “I really enjoy wine, but I had absolutely no interest in working in the industry,” and with a shrug offers “that was [wife] Kit’s arena and her idea.” Fate had other plans though, and Eddie was soon lured into the fold via a local SEC football group where another Bounty Hunter employee just so happens to be a regular. 

He came aboard as a Wine Scout, but it is his writing acumen and talent for buying wine that make him a shining star. For the last two years his title has been “Wine Manager,” but his role has morphed into sales, strategizing, buying, e-commerce, email and ensuring the continuity of the Bounty Hunter voice. When he’s not a part of the strategy sessions, his days are packed with tastings, writing, buying, tastings and more tastings. It’s enough to make no two days similar, and keep him on his toes.

From finding the perfect wines for our catalog to making the right buys with your palate in mind, Eddie’s always working on something big. He’s like a poster boy for the Chinese proverb, “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.” 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How ‘bout those Giants?!

How ‘bout those Giants?! THREE World Championships in FIVE years! Clear your calendars and come celebrate the Orange & Black Dynasty with us on Saturday, April 18th.  We’ll be back up in the Legends Suite and primed for a good time, as we watch our beloved Giants battle the Arizona Diamondbacks. You will also get to see the World Series Ring Ceremony before the game and will receive a replica World Series Ring as you enter the stadium!

We couldn't have picked a better time to see a Giants game with our loyal customers! Our Spring 2015 catalog will just be hitting your mailboxes, and we’ll have many of these wines available for you to taste in the suite. And as an added bonus, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any wines you purchase that day and will also receive a custom-etched a bottle of our 2012 Blind Justice to be part of this ticket package.

Suite seats are limited, so please call 800-943-9463 or email your Wine Scout today to secure your place before it’s sold out. It doesn't get much better than Bounty Hunter and baseball, so step up to the plate and reserve your spot in the lineup!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nick Heinrich, Welcome back Chef!

There’s something about Bounty Hunter – it has its own gravitational pull. In fact, it’s not uncommon that customers who walk through our doors become employees. Once enveloped in the fold, we tend to stay for a respectable length of time, and if we leave, there’s a good chance we’ll be back.
Nick Heinrich is the latest to be pulled back to the mother ship. He’s a good ol’ Southern boy, proudly raised in Alabama (Roll Tide!), and while the boy left Alabama, it’s still in him as strong as ever… especially his cooking.
Nick trained under several prominent chefs in Alabama. It was there that he learned the joys of “New Southern Cuisine,” a term he dislikes, calling it “cliché, but whatever – that’s what it is.” In the early 2000s he moved to California, specifically San Francisco, where he worked at The Dining Room at The Ritz Carlton. Nick says that his time there turned everything he knew about cooking on its side, opening his eyes to an exciting world of gastronomy, technique and elegant preparations; “Back then, when I’d tell people about sous vide cooking, they’d look at me like I was crazy, and now there are cookbooks on the subject.” 
For years Nick kept a foot in both California and Alabama and in 2004 he worked harvest in Napa Valley at Carneros Creek. “It was awesome,” Nick beams, “Carneros was the new black.” He then jokes, “Imagine working 14 hour days with beautiful views, exciting new smells and experiences; as a chef it really brought it all together for me.”
But the kitchen is where Nick feels most at home and when a friend told him about this place in Napa called Bounty Hunter, he had to check it out. One meal and two days later he came back with résumé in hand – without a phone call or an appointment – and was hired on the spot. He stayed as Sous Chef for two years, then left to start a successful catering business. But eventually, the emails and clerical work got in the way. “It got to be a distraction, keeping me from my favorite part – the actual cooking.”
Nick’s cooking full steam these days and also inspiring and teaching his team; “I love sharing with my crew how something works, why we do a preparation a certain way, or how to make it better.” He’s also excited to embrace more local and seasonal foods, “We’re using whatever it is that’s coming out of the ground or off the farm that looks good,” he tells us. As your Napa Valley insiders, we’re pleased to say that besides fine wine and spirits, our realm includes farm fresh food too, thanks to Nick.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Join us in the Audi Legends Suite!

It’s here…the smell of the grass, the color of the dirt, the crack of the bat. That’s right, baseball season has officially begun and we’re putting on another Bounty Hunter exclusive event. Clear your calendar and join us on Saturday, April 26th, as we watch our beloved Giants take on the Cleveland Indians.

We will be back up in the Legends Suite for this game, and we've dialed in a special treat for you. Along with your suite ticket, we’ll have an amazing selection of liquid delights from our 2014 Spring Catalog along with a full spread of all your ballpark favorites. Arrive early to the enjoy the suite amenities and you can look forward to receiving a 1954 replica World Series Ring to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Giants (limited to the first 20,000 fans). To sweeten the deal, you’ll also receive a limited edition etched bottle of the 2011 Bounty Cabernet Sauvignon to take home.

Suite seats are limited, so please call or email your Wine Scout today to secure your place before it’s sold out. It doesn't get much better than Bounty Hunter and baseball, so step up to the plate and reserve your spot in the lineup!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Dirty Dozen 12 Bottle Pack

The Dirty Dozen - Spring 2013

Tired of playing Russian Roulette with your weekly wine purchases? Frustrated that your buddies keep walking into your cellar and end up pulling out the gems you were saving for a special occasion? Well we've got the prescription for what ails you! We scoured the world's best regions and came back with twelve stunners with a true focus on "taste-per-dollar." It's the ultimate roundup, and with ground shipping included, you can always count on Bounty Hunter to deliver the goods. Whether it's your Tuesday night wine, or the sixth cork popped at your weekly poker night, this is one gamble that will pay off big!


Net item - no discounts apply

'11 Agriverde "Piane di Maggio" • Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Oh, my. This got our attention in a big way. A sexed-up entry of purple fruits and violets yields to warm earth and fleshy fruit tannins on the finish. An absolute nobrainer for the bargain hunter.

'10 Ridge Runner Cabernet Sauvignon • California Not many Cabs in this price tier actually taste like Cabernet, but we'd argue you'll find your happy place here. Bing cherry and fresh herbs get a little iodine and mineral note on the finish. Your steak will thank you!

'10 Li Veli "Orion" Primitivo • Salentino Zinfandel's Italian cousin offers many of the same familial traits when treated the right way: warm, generous fruit, a supple texture and a finish laden with ample spice notes.

'11 Rio Lento Tempranillo-Syrah • La Mancha The Spanish are absolute masters at cranking out delicious reds for a pittance. This juicy little number dances across the palate with red berries, purple fruits and supple, polished tannins. You'll be back for more!

'11 Caparzo Sangiovese • Toscana We wish every value-priced Italian red tasted like this! Briary black fruits, chocolate and spice are packed into a round, satisfying mouthful of Tuscan red. Your pizza oven just found a new friend.

'10 Roi De Colline • Côtes du Rhône Among our favorite locales for value, a sexed-up Côtes du Rhône from a ripe vintage is always a solid bet for a house wine. Blackberry and blue fruit flavors get a little pepper dusting to remind you of its bloodlines.

MV The Messenger "Telegram Number Two" • California This fleshy little sex bomb turned heads from the moment we cracked it. Bright and plump with plenty of flesh on the finish, your decision about a go-to house red just got a whole lot easier.

'11 Marotti Campi "Luzano" Verdicchio • Castelli di Jesi As bracing as a brisk breeze off the Adriatic, one of Italy's most underrated regions delivers the goods. Bright lime blossom, almond and sea spray flavors swirl in a cool and delicious balance.

'11 Newport Arms Shiraz • South Eastern Australia Value-priced Aussie reds needn't sacrifice guts and gumption. This Shiraz brings structure and nuance to complement its sunny disposition and delicious, ripe red fruits. Here's your call to arms!

'12 Streamside Chardonnay • Napa Valley Napa Chard for this kind of money? Oh, yeah. And it’s as clean as a Montana stream with no oak to compete with its beautiful pear, lemon zest and citrus accents. Here's a stream worth a refreshing dip.

'10 Trim Cabernet Sauvignon • California A few Napa Cab veterans found some great Cabernet, put some perfume and glitter on it with a batch of ripe Syrah and sent it out to embarrass the competition on stage. Lo and behold, it's looking magnificent.

'11 Telmo Rodriguez "Basa" Blanco • Rueda One of the cleanest and most refreshing wines that we've encountered this year, the Basa blend is pure precision. Green apple, citrus zest and melon rind sing in harmony. This needs to be invited to your next pool party.

Shipping inclusive prices not applicable in AK, HI, MA and PA 
(for these states, a $45 shipping CREDIT will apply to the total shipping charge).

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Moments

As the dust settles and I return to my daily routine, I look back at the Triples Alley experience with a great sense of awe. I've been to dozens of games, seen amazing plays, and even sipped on some spectacular wine at the ballpark. But the moment I will never forget is walking along the field with a Giants’ staff member and dirtying my boots with the dust of champions. A few feet from this Giants team, this legendary, World Champions Giants team. The stands are full, everyone is waiting for the MVP ceremony to begin and I feel like I’m part of the action.  Looking up, taking it all in, I cemented that moment forever into my mind and my baseball loving heart.

Jared Seitzer, a Bounty Hunter Wine Scout, during the field walk.
As I settled into my seat, midway up in section 103, the MVP ceremony began. I was prepared for Buster and his family to be there in attendance, but I wasn't prepared for the other 4 Giants MVP’s who joined him on the field; Jeff Kent, Kevin Mitchell, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays.  I cheered and clapped and smiled, honored to be at the best ballpark in the country, celebrating a fantastic player and the legends before him. I wasn't the only fan moved by these men on the field.  All 42,000+ fans were on their feet.  Having that moment too, as the Giants’ motto from last season rang true, “Together We Are Giant.”
Customers making the most of their moment in the outfield.

If you weren't able to join us, we will be heading back to AT&T Park in August and hope to see you there!  Give your Wine Scout a call for more details.

-Summer Olson Stubblefield
Event & PR Manager

Friday, April 5, 2013

San Francisco Vintners Market at Fort Mason

When our friends at the San Francisco Vintners Market called and asked if we wanted to sponsor the springtime event again, we jumped at the chance. Last year we had prior commitments during both their spring and fall event, so we were excited that our calendar was free the second weekend in April. This will be our fourth SF Vintners Market we’ve sponsored and wanted to freshen it up a bit,  so we put our heads together and came up with the idea of having an exclusive Napa Valley Rocks Section. With a little help from the Napa Valley Vintners, we have put together a very special section.

Here are the featured wineries in our Napa Valley Rocks Section:

If this event is new to you, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a great “try it before you buy it” styled tasting weekend with nearly 200 wineries and their wines on hand for you to taste, learn and enjoy. In addition to our Napa Valley Rocks section, we will be sampling our Bounty Hunter Spirits in the reserve room. Admission to our Napa Valley Rocks Section will require either the Reserve or the Cult ticket. Hope to see you next weekend at Fort Mason! If you can’t make it, catch up with us at the Craft Spirits Carnival in June.

--Summer Olson Stubblefield
Event & PR Manager