Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why Whisper for Wine When You Can Wrangle?

We caught this article in Bloomberg last week, extolling the virtues of hiring a “wine whisperer.” It’s a business model we know all too well. While the author makes it sound like this is a fairly new trend in the world of wine, the truth is, we’ve been enthusiastic wine-country consultants for our customers since 1994.

While Bloomberg’s cast of Cab-rustlers charge exorbitant fees or annual retainers for their services only available to the ultra-wealthy, we’ve been providing the “inside line” at no extra charge for all these years. We believe you should spend your hard-earned dollar buying the wine you want, not on the staff that goes to fetch it.

And why not? We believe that putting those sought-after bottles and new discoveries into our customers’ hands is what we do better than just about anybody. We don’t charge for the service because we know that once a new customer sees that not only do we provide 100-point wines but have 100-point service to match, we’ll become their go-to resource for life. It’s what’s taken us from a simple one-man operation to a staff of over one hundred today.

So the next time you hear that someone out there will charge you for the pleasure of their wine-hunting services, just remember that you’ve already got a Bounty Hunter riding at your side.

New around these parts? Here are some of the services we provide to our customers every single day which have been setting us apart for over two decades:

ª      Need a rare, “mailing-list only” bottle? We’ve been building relationships in Napa and beyond for over 23 years. If we can’t get it, it likely can’t be gotten. 

ª      Are you going to miss Auction Napa Valley this June? Not to worry. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve raised a paddle on behalf of a client and scored them a truly one-of-a-kind, bespoke auction Cabernet. 

ª      Hosting a party or event and need some professional guidance, or maybe just out for dinner and not sure what to order? You’ve always got a personal Wine Scout on speed dial. Our Scouts are wine industry veterans, from multiple tiers in the business, so you know that you’ve always got a straight shooter who knows precisely what they’re talking about. 

ª      Building a cellar and need help taking inventory, or maybe just some advice about how to round it out? It’s not uncommon for us to fly our Scouts all over the country for just that purpose. Helping to curate our clients’ cellars is an honor, and fully utilizes the level of skill and experience that our team of wine professionals have to offer. 

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