Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Gazette Tasting

We sat down last week and tasted through almost 75 new wines that are featured in the Bounty Hunter Winter Gazette. With 35 wines to taste in one sitting, we began with the whites and then worked our way up the gamut of reds, starting with the lighter-bodied wines and finishing with the big, hearty Cabs. While suffering for your sake with a wine glass in one hand, we had a pen in the other scribbling notes as fast as the wine flowed. It was a grueling job, but somehow we managed to survive.

While every Wine Scout had his or her own personal favorite, the standout wines for me were the three on page two showcasing “All-star” winemaker, Philippe Melka. The ’08 Parallel Cabernet is a phenomenal follow-up to their amazing ’07 vintage, while the ’07 “Facets of Gemstone” is a first-class wine for a second label by anyone’s standards. Finally, the ’07 Lail “J. Daniel Cuvee” Cabernet left us all speechless! Sampling all three wines is easy with the Marvelous Melka 3-pack. This is just the tip of the iceberg in this new edition. There are lots of big-scoring, rare gems and every-day drinking value-wines that you’ll enjoy. Your copy of the Gazette should arrive in your mailbox any day now, and when it does, you can rest assured that your Wine Scout is ready to answer your call!

--Sam Miller, Wine Scout

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