Thursday, May 3, 2012

HALL Cabernet Cook-off

Last Saturday was the 3rd Annual HALL Cabernet Cook-off. We have participated in the event each year, wining 1st place in 2010 with our St. Louis Cut Ribs and coming in 2nd place in 2011 with our Pulled Pork Sliders. Last year countless people asked, “where are the ribs?” “Bring back the ribs!” When the people speak, we listen.
A combination of 15 restaurants and catering companies came together to prepare a unique bite that was paired with the 2009 HALL Cabernet Sauvignon for this event. The chef teams donate their time and offerings in the hope of winning the cook-off, which then benefits a Napa Valley charity of their choice. We work with Napa Humane throughout the year, and we enjoy doing this event to continue our support of their work.
We fired up our smoker, and before the event officially began, the only smell one could detect was the mouth-watering scent of our ribs. Not to mention any names, but the contestant who was set up directly to our left requested they be moved…might they not have wanted to be in our shadow, oh I mean our smoke? There was never a dull moment, patron after patron, rib after rib, us sharing our story, them licking their lips wanting more. A few even praised the ribs as the best they’d ever eaten!
Some of you have had the pleasure of sampling our ribs at our Smokin’ BBQ headquarters here in Napa. If not, let me tell you…they are amazing! And the magic component that sets them apart from other ribs are the three house-made Q sauces you can use to jazz them up. Cut back to this past weekend, Chef Will spent an entire day reducing the HALL Cabernet Sauvignon and made the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted!
All in all, it was a recipe for success…the Bounty Hunter’s stellar event team, perfectly smoked baby back ribs and a one of a kind Q sauce…and the People’s Choice 1st Place goes to Bounty Hunter!
Congrats to all who worked at this event and thanks for your votes!

--Summer Olson Stubblefield
Event & PR Manager

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