Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Moments

As the dust settles and I return to my daily routine, I look back at the Triples Alley experience with a great sense of awe. I've been to dozens of games, seen amazing plays, and even sipped on some spectacular wine at the ballpark. But the moment I will never forget is walking along the field with a Giants’ staff member and dirtying my boots with the dust of champions. A few feet from this Giants team, this legendary, World Champions Giants team. The stands are full, everyone is waiting for the MVP ceremony to begin and I feel like I’m part of the action.  Looking up, taking it all in, I cemented that moment forever into my mind and my baseball loving heart.

Jared Seitzer, a Bounty Hunter Wine Scout, during the field walk.
As I settled into my seat, midway up in section 103, the MVP ceremony began. I was prepared for Buster and his family to be there in attendance, but I wasn't prepared for the other 4 Giants MVP’s who joined him on the field; Jeff Kent, Kevin Mitchell, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays.  I cheered and clapped and smiled, honored to be at the best ballpark in the country, celebrating a fantastic player and the legends before him. I wasn't the only fan moved by these men on the field.  All 42,000+ fans were on their feet.  Having that moment too, as the Giants’ motto from last season rang true, “Together We Are Giant.”
Customers making the most of their moment in the outfield.

If you weren't able to join us, we will be heading back to AT&T Park in August and hope to see you there!  Give your Wine Scout a call for more details.

-Summer Olson Stubblefield
Event & PR Manager

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