Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Humbly Authentic

There’s something about authenticity that sets certain products and people apart. Authenticity greets you like your puppy at the door when you come home, it embraces you like a warm blanket.  At Bounty Hunter we are drawn to authentic personalities: originators, rebels, those who think outside the box. It’s part of what has set us apart in what we do. We always look beyond the surface, to the story behind the story. That’s one of the reasons we’ve always been fans of Wild Turkey Distillery.

Wild Turkey is humbly authentic… and that starts with the people: the Russell family, and their patriarch, Jimmy. A man who will proudly tell you he has been making his way to the distillery every day for 62 years. He’ll be the first person to greet you and shake hands at the visitor’s center, and for those occasions possible, he’ll lead you into a barrel warehouse to sample individual barrels of bourbon. He’s a natural storyteller and at 82 he is as quick-witted and sharp as anyone 60 years his junior. He, along with son Eddie and grandson Bruce, still run the day-to-day at the distillery, overseeing its production and quality control.

It’s funny to watch this video, introducing Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey as the new “Creative Director” for the distillery, and see him ask Eddie Russell if there was a time his dad said “Here you go, son” and hand over the reins. Eddie replies “it hasn’t happened yet”. It’s a moment that ends in laughter, and is a reminder this is a brand that IS truly authentic. An icon that has been built over the last six-plus decades on the backs of hard work, dedication to craft, and holding oneself to the highest standards possible.  At the end McConaughey says “we’re not for everyone, and that’s okay”. We can get behind that!

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