Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biography: Stefan Matulich, Sales Director

Who am I? Well, in one sentence you could say I’m the Chief Wine Scout with an affinity for great wine, high proof goods and artisanal culinary delights. I work with Mark Pope and Rhett Gadke to keep you informed of the latest and greatest the world of wine has to offer. What was once a one man operation 16 years ago, has now grown into a pretty big small business with lots of moving parts. Everyone here has come from an area of expertise that helps drive this company forward. As for me, well before my days as a Wine Scout I was a waiter, bartender, Maitre’ d, Sommelier, General Manager and Consultant at some of the best restaurants in Napa Valley. My passion for food, wine and spirits surrounds my everyday life and my job allows me to share the wine country culture I love with the rest of the world.

As I comment on the blog, I’ll discuss the latest spirits that we’ve come across, share some of my personal recipes and wine pairings as well as discuss what’s happening in the culture of wine/sprits/food. First off, I am not some twit that’s going to try and impress you with my vocabulary and describe wine experiences like a verse from e.e. cummings. I live in the real world where most people don’t talk about wine using descriptors like gooseberries and sassafras. Wine culture was never meant to be pretentious, it was meant for all of us to enjoy the way we want. I try to describe my experiences in a way that all will understand, though I am sort of a foodie, so if I geek out on an obscure ingredient please grant me a little lenience at times.

We’ll since this is my first post I don’t want to bore you any further with more talk about me, let’s hear about you. I’d like to know how you all got into wine. Please tell me, what was your first wine epiphany?

I look forward to your stories. Until next time…

--Stefan Matulich, Sales Director & Spirits Buyer

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