Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Peek Behind the Bounty Hunter Curtain

Ever wonder how that bottle gets an endorsement from Team Bounty Hunter?

My peek behind the curtain came last Thursday at about 10:15am PST. Thursday was shaping up to be an all around greyscale kind of day – no surprises or delights to look forward to, when all of a sudden Stefan Matulich, Bounty Hunter’s Sales Director (and champion of Spirits) rounded my cubicle partition with an impromptu invitation to a Bourbon tasting.

Heck yeah! I was off my swivel chair in a flash, dashing down the hallway to the conference room where seated at the head of our large wooden table was our team of highly qualified decision makers.

I was honored to take my seat to embark on our task (and tasting). The mission at hand was to select a single barrel Bourbon offering that would be worthy of bearing the Bounty Hunter’s endorsement. We had eight samples from three different producers from which to select. With a tasting sheet at hand, snifters, beakers of water and spittoons all lined up we dove head long into the bevy of brown liquors.

It was quite a lineup – in fact each and every sample had ample virtues, which of course makes it harder to pick the one that would rise above the others like cream to the top. Pony flasks adorned with large white stickers held all kinds of information (none of which would prove more important than our sensory observations).

Bearing in mind that Stefan had already done months of leg work whittling down the contestants to these eight finalists, we tasted the lineup in rapid succession. From the spicy nutty and leathery elixir that hinted of sea air, to the more feminine and Calvados-scented spice stick offering, we sniffed, sipped and spit. After each flight we compared tasting notes. Our small panel often found that we liked the same one or two, but at times there was dissent. I believe I heard the words, “You actually liked sample 4 the most?!?" Well, yes, I did… but that’s another story.

Ultimately a decision was made. Actually, we selected two. With our reputation at stake and you, our loyal spirit enthusiast in mind, we made our single barrel selections, and while you aren’t likely to see them until the holiday season, it’s okay to begin dreaming of what’s to come. Just a teaser – in spite of the early hour of the day, it was really, REALLY hard to spit out the winners…

Katy Long
Content Manager

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