Friday, August 31, 2012

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

We’ve always thought of Labor Day as the last big event of the summer. When fruit starts coming off the vines – as some Sauvignon Blanc is here in Napa – it’s officially time to start thinking about fall. Everyone is rushing around trying to make it to the last BBQs, back to school sales (even when there isn’t anyone going back to school) and talking about how their team is going to fare on the gridiron this year. Soon the days will be shorter and darker and your internal clock will be telling you “work more and play less.”

Let’s make the most out of our last chance to really enjoy the sun! Team Bounty Hunter is not only on the continuing adventure to find the rarest wines, we’re also on the quest for the finest artisan spirits. Here are a few suggestions for some BBQ-riffic wines and a couple of specialty spirits for your Labor Day celebration. They are perfect for laying back and sipping the day away. Try them out and let us know your favorite. Cheers to one last holiday weekend!

2009 Graff Mourvèdre Chalone - Like its spiritual cousins in the south of France, this thoroughly quaffable Mourvèdre is about user-friendly gulpability (if that’s not a word, it should be). Red fruits, spice and blueberries are presented with the sort of body and texture that’ll even take a little chill in the fridge and still be ready to go. We’re offering it at a pretty sweet price too…

2008 Lagier-Meredith Syrah Mt. Veeder - It’s in the argument for Napa Valley’s best Syrah. Let’s see what Robert Parker has to say, shall we? “… a gloriously intense perfume of roasted meats, herbs, barbecue smoke, burning embers, plums and acacia flowers. The wine possesses exceptional intensity, a full-bodied opulence and not a hard edge to be found. It is a beautifully complex, ethereal Syrah.” Any questions?

2010 Casarena 'Sinergy' Reserva Mendoza - There will be a quiz later, so let’s see who’s paying attention. This is one of the finest values in our entire Fall Catalog. Tasted blind, we guessed this would be in the $40-$50 range… it’s not. Concentrated and silky at once, it’s a gorgeous display of violets, cassis, blackberries and caramel. Seriously, if this doesn’t get your engine revving, red wine may not be your thing.

Mezcalero Mezcal #6 Oaxaca - Unlike Tequila, mezcal can be made from different varieties of agave, some of which only grow in the wild. Leaving behind conventional farming, these modern day "mezcaleros" take donkeys into the highlands of Oaxaca, harvest the wild plants, and craft a spirit all by hand using traditional artisan methods. The No. 6 is made from agaves Mexicana, Madrecuishe, and Bicuishe resulting in a soft, supple and richly flavored agave spirit with a core of earth and smoke that with one sip will make anyone into an instant fan. Fewer than 900 bottles produced.

Diplomatico “Reserva Exclusiva” Rum - While Jamaica and Puerto Rico are usually associated with "top-shelf" rum, aficionados will tell you Venezuelan rum is not to be overlooked. Copper-pot distilled and aged for 12 years, Diplimático Reserva Exclusiva massages the senses with rich molasses, allspice and dried fruit. The sweet buttery entry melts into a spicy mid-palate finish that lingers for minutes. You simply cannot get more taste-per-dollar than this!

Summer Olson Stubblefield
Event & PR Manager

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