Thursday, June 4, 2015

Greetings from Napa

As of this writing, our hopes for spring rain haven’t yet come to fruition. This summer is already shaping up to be another dry one. We’re in our fourth year of drought here in California, but, chin up – many of our favorite winegrowers are braving the storm (pardon the pun) quite well. That’s why the smart ones have reservoirs.
Mark S. Pope at the Bounty Hunter
Wine Bar & Smokin' BBQ

The good news is that, unlike walnuts or broccoli, grapevines can thrive with minimal water. Some would even argue that the fruit is better that way. There’s a reason that growers champion “dry farming.” Heck, it’s illegal to irrigate vineyards in most of Europe. When the roots of a vine can literally crack rocks as they burrow underground, it’s pretty clear they’re tough customers. Wine grapes are looking a bit more like a water-conscious crop now, aren’t they?

We can’t believe it, but this year’s already half gone. Here in Napa, we’ve been busy tending our own vineyard plots, babysitting our barrels and spiffing up our Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ joint. We’ve even started crafting our own Bounty Hunter barrel-aged cocktail. Word got out, and the first release was so popular we sold out in three days! We went back to the barrel and now we’re working on the next incarnation – it may very well be available for sipping at our downtown location by the time you’re reading this. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Speaking of coming a long way, the hills are alive! The vines awoke from their slumber early this year, and while many of the locals were worried over potential frost damage, the chill largely didn’t materialize. Now the Valley is streaked with swaths of bright green vines laden with tiny bunches of what will become this year’s harvest before we know it.

It may be one of the most photogenic times of year around here, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Come on out and enjoy the California sunshine, and don’t forget a visit to savor our well-stocked cellar and tasty morsels at our downtown digs. You can say hello to our new GM Don Wetherell and our Alabama “Q” specialist, Chef Nicky. Give those boys a firm handshake and tell them we sent you. Until next time…

Mark Steven Pope
AKA The Bounty Hunter
Founder & CEO
Bounty Hunter Wine & Spirits

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