Friday, June 12, 2015

Invest in Your Seller

In a world where “who you know” dictates all, the power of the relationship is more prevalent than ever. Whether it’s the merchant at the weekly Farmer’s Market that you buy your groceries from, or the local neighborhood butcher that’s been slicing you and your family prime cuts of meat since you were an infant, the reliability of that individual is paramount when it comes to helping you make decisions. You trust them to find you great product, provide excellent service, and present it at a price that reflects the quality of what you are purchasing, while respecting the work that goes into sourcing and delivering those goods. But what about your wine buying experience?

Every night, wine drinkers alike walk into their cellars and ask themselves, “What am I drinking tonight?” As you peruse your shelves, do you already know what bottle you’re looking for, or do you spend 10 minutes pulling out multiple options in hopes of discovering the gem for that night’s events? Do you really have an intimate knowledge of all the bottles you have? Were they all purchased from trusted sources? Can you be sure every bottle will deliver and show the way you want it to for your guests? These are honest questions, and if you answered no to any of them, don’t be alarmed… it’s time to invest in your seller!

In a day where wine stores are popping up all over the country and wine bars have become the latest rage to hit every downtown, urban or suburban environment across the country, do you feel comfortable walking into those places and making the right choice? Not every store is created equal, and not every merchant stands behind their product in the same way. It is imperative that the person you buy your wine from has your best interests in mind! The best merchant asks questions, gathers data, and provides suggestions based on your palate, preferences and goals. Think of them as the portfolio manager of your liquid 401K… they should be invested in your success and helping you achieve your goals. If they are not committed to your continual enjoyment and education of wine and spirits, are they the right person to be selecting which beverages you choose to imbibe? Are they making decisions for you or for themselves? Your merchant should be a trusted advocate: a person who stops at nothing to make sure you get what you want, when you want it, and backs up the purchase with the service you deserve. And when they deliver, the trust that is formed is a special bond that promotes growth and development in that relationship.

Your Bounty Hunter Wine Scout is that merchant. They are there for you. They back your play, validate your concerns, have the knowledge to answer your questions, give you access to the juice you crave and work tirelessly to fix any problem that arises. You can’t say that about the buyer at your local supermarket or any random website that promises “great stuff” at exceptional prices. Will they stand behind the bottle if it’s damaged or corked? We have always set the standard for what the merchant/customer relationship should be about and we have no intention of changing our philosophy any time soon. Trust in us, and in turn, we will help you build the cellar of your dreams. Invest in your seller and the rest will take care of itself.

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